Medical IT Consulting Services

WPIT services Pvt ltd brings in 14 years in healthcare IT consulting and development to back up medical clients in their calling to save lives and sustain high population health with software built around individuals and their needs.

We provide hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and other organizations with task-driven services to help them reduce readmissions, protect PHI, balance costs and improve outcomes.

Solutions to Beat the Challenge

Our IT specialists create convenient software to help you optimize workflows, analyze healthcare data and enable reimbursable remote care, all wrapped up in an intuitive visual design.

Chronic disease management

Offer your patients personalized care and continuous communication between appointments. Simplify their daily routine by timely notifying about medication intake, giving tips on nutrition and physical activity and reminding about the importance of journalizing subjective and objective. With a holistic system including a patient mobile application and a central server connected to the EHR, you can improve population health, patients’ outcomes and your revenues. Empower chronic disease management

Medical image analysis

Whether a researcher, innovator or medical device manufacturer, you can assist clinical stakeholders in tackling tough challenges of 3D imaging across modalities. Help your clients to reduce the number of misdiagnosis cases, medical errors and exploratory surgeries. Unlock the capabilities of medical image processing and analysis for your organization. Back up your clinical & research decisions

Healthcare CRM

Treat your patients like customers, understanding their needs better and building trustworthy relationships. Merge your CRM with the EHR to gain, engage and retain your patients with multiple communication channels at your disposal. Be it your website, call center, social media or else – you can always keep the patient’s experience positive and personal. Explore CRM.

Healthcare data analytics

Make big data work for your revenue. Transform raw numbers into meaningful insights and get multidimensional reports, charts and metrics in one tap. Visualize your outcomes and costs as well as financial management and operative processes to highlight achievements and gaps. Analyze care data.

Postoperative care management

Ensure your patients’ successful post-surgery recovery between nurse visits and appointments. Track individuals’ objective and subjective and monitor wound healing for early signs of SSI. Reduce complications, exacerbations and readmissions. Support Postoperative recovery.

Personalized medical websites

Adopt a full-fledged clinical web resource to attract more visitors and convert them into engaged patients. Give your website visitors the reason to turn to you in the moment of need. Prove your expertise and attitude through personalized content and advanced patient portal with access to interactive learning materials and social sharing. Create a medical website

Information security

Protect sensitive information from potential threats and eliminate vulnerabilities with HIPAA-compliant SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), IAM (Identity and Access Management Services) and penetration testing. Safeguard the security of your PHI, care services, research processes and financial transactions. Secure the clinical data

Consulting Services That Answer the Need

With the universal approach to healthcare professionals and patients across different organizations, packaged solutions may fail to support your unique processes. We offer convenient custom-made software aligned with your goals and destined to help end users perform their tasks.

In cooperation with the stakeholders ,WPIT services Pvt ltd  tech specialists will discuss your needs and requirements to implement the right solution automating, optimizing and streamlining the organization’s processes.

Medical IT consulting

We continuously bring together the latest trends from clinical and technological realms in our practice to improve performance of our medical clients. Whether your business concerns are about workflows, care quality, patient engagement and satisfaction, utilization or financials, we can transform the challenge into your forte. Our healthcare technology consulting services are powered by a cross-functional team of healthcare and IT experts, business analysts and engineers – all ready to handle any request or idea.

Custom healthcare software development

As one size never fits all, we create an application from scratch to cover your expectations to the fullest. Based on the emerging industry standards, we research and explore end users’ needs to ensure exceptional convenience, functionality and aesthetics. Benefit from custom healthcare software

Mobile applications for doctors and nurses

Opt in for convenient task-driven solutions that automate the daily routine and simplify examination and treatment for surgeons, physicians and nurses. Enable care coordination, identify workflow hiccups and empower strategic insights to advance your hospital or practice management.  Improve clinical staff efficiency

Mobile applications for patients

Connect with your patients in a personalized way. Offer them tools to schedule appointments, to track health, lab results and medications and to share this data for managing a particular condition. Improve remote care delivery, health outcomes and patient engagement. Build a patient app


We will also help if your in-house software needs any improvements, be it new functionality, usability, performance, interoperability, scalability or bug fixing. We will assign a team to continuously maintain, upgrade and update your application.

Uplifting Care Delivery: Start with a Proof-of-Concept

Whether you need to integrate more patient-centered care techniques, benefit from big data analytics or ensure information security in your practice, our specialists in healthcare and IT will back you up. Upon discussing your ideas and requirements, we will deliver a proof-of-concept. Please see below our hallmark projects for the healthcare industry.